Great Lakes Bee Salves

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Whether you put in long hours in the workshop or spend your days in the great outdoors, your hands are always taking a beating. It’s time to pay them back for all the hard work they do with our beeswax-based skin salve. Combine the healing qualities of the beeswax with the medicinal properties of chamomile, lavender, tea tree oil, and other organic ingredients, and your chapped, scratched skin will be feeling better in no time! their salve can soothe even the roughest hands.

Man’s best friend deserves a little pampering, too! Rub a little Puppy Paw Salve on Fido’s (and Spot’s, and Bandit’s, and Lord Barkington’s) paws after a bath. The magic in this salve is Neem Oil.  It heals animal paws and combined with their honey adds a barrier between feet and harmful hurtful things like salt. Your puppy will love it, and so will you!