❄️ We are super excited to bring you information & education about how you can use Aromatherapy & Essential Oils this winter season to stay healthy!

We have invited Rebecca Stephens, Aromatherapist & Owner of Drop by Drop Apothecary to join us Tuesday, January 30th at 7pm.

Rebecca will teach us about which essential oils to use to prevent illness, what to do when you do get sick, and show us how to make a Respiratory Salve to take home.

There will be a giveaway/drawing to enter, snacks ( and possibly wine!

Rebecca started her Aromatherapy journey over 10 years ago when she decided she needed to get off from prescription medications. Since then, she has been using Aromatherapy & EOs in her daily life routinely for everything from coughs, headaches, skincare, cleaning, pet care, and more. You will not find any prescription medications nor over-the-counter drugs in her home.

She is excited to teach you & show you how to make your own to take home!

A few of the things we will cover in this workshop:
*Help increase your immunity
*Boost your mood
*Help with Anxiety
*Help with Winter Blues
*Help with a cold & flu
*Clean toxin-free
*Help with circulation and more!!

Pre-registration is required.
☎️ Call: 616.396.4588